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Corporate/Charity Event Rentals

Corporate/Charity Event Rentals

Planning An Event?

Are you planning an upcoming corporate or charity event? Then you know it is a complicated and stressful job. You need to make decisions on everything from the theme to the invitation to the wrap-up following the event. A significant piece of your event planning is renting the necessary equipment. Vini’s Party Rentals has been taking the stress out of corporate and charity event rentals since 1998 and can make your life a lot easier.

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Your Single Source for All Your Corporate or Charity Event Rentals

Welcome to Vini’s Party Rentals, your one-stop-shop for everything you’ll need to put on the perfect corporate or charity event. We understand how important these events are and what they can mean for your company or organization.

For Fundraisers and Charity Events -- A successful event can mean meeting a fundraising goal or receiving record donations for your important charity.

For Corporations and Companies of all sizes -- The event can instill confidence in investors, be used for creating buzz for a new product, or can be a reward to employees for jobs well done.

Understanding the reasons or objectives for your event enables Vini’s Party Rentals to make the best recommendations to achieve your goals.

Then there is the theme or vision of the event. Among the questions we will ask are…

  • Indoors or outdoors?
  • If outdoors, do you need shelter from weather or sunlight?
  • Elegant or Casual? Is it an elegant event with fine linens, china, and flatware?
  • Is it an informal event where the atmosphere is relaxed and playful?

Whatever the reason or style, you are going to need equipment and accessories to bring it to life. And, Vini’s Party Rentals has everything to do exactly that.

We Didn’t Know You Rented That!

You may be surprised at what Vini’s Party Rentals can supply in terms of corporate or charity event rentals. Sure, we have thousands of chairs, hundreds of tables, and beautifully colored and textured linens, but we have them in almost every imaginable style suitable for any event. Our extensive inventory includes, among other things:

Working for Your Success

Vini’s Party Rentals can be an invaluable ally in your event planning. We excel at understanding the needs and wants of clients like you. Before we start showing you anything from our inventory, we take the time to listen to your goals, objectives, vision, theme, and budget for the event. With a firm grasp of what you need, we work with you to develop the perfect solution.

Together, we will create a plan for equipping your event. This may be a simple listing of what your corporate or charity event rentals include. Or, it may also include a detailed placement plan that our delivery and set up team will use to stage your event perfectly.

We Work Well With Event Planners

Since our equipment is the foundation for many other event functions, we’ll work with other vendors on your team so that everything comes off without a hitch. We are experts at coordinating with other service providers including caterers, venue managers, and event planners, making them and you look good during the event.

Why Choose Vini’s Party Rentals?

With a large number of equipment rental choices in the South Bay, why should you choose Vini’s Party Rentals for your corporate or charity event rentals? When you put your trust in Vini’s Party Rentals for your event’s equipment rental, you can be sure you’ll receive premium equipment and premium service.

Once we agree on what you need to make your event a success, you can focus on other event details while Vini’s Party Rentals takes care of the equipment. We make sure everything looks great and works correctly before sending it to your venue. Upon arrival, we place the items where they need to be and make another functional check. We’ll come back after the event and tear down the equipment for you. There is nothing you need to do except enjoy your perfectly executed event.

Start Making Your Event a Success Today

Don’t struggle with your corporate or charity event rentals. Contact or call Vini’s Party Rentals at 310.527.6632 today so our experienced team can take over the equipment side. You’ll be delighted with the results.