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Party Rentals for Award Season

The Grammy Awards are on Sunday. A number of other ceremonies are behind us, but we still have five weeks until award season wraps up with the Oscars. That’s plenty of time to find the party rentals you’ll need for a proper Oscar viewing party or any other event inspired by the annual outpouring of accolades in nearby Hollywood. party rentals Even if you have no particular connection to the entertainment industry, visual and design references to award ceremonies can have an amusing impact on partygoers in Malibu or Beverly Hills around this time of year. Party rentals that communicate that impression include golden specialty linens, place settings inspired by your favorite ceremony, and the sort of staging and lighting that makes hosts and guests feel like movie stars.   linen rentals If you have a wedding or bar mitzvah scheduled around this time and you feel like you’re competing with the awards ceremonies, why not just commit to that image with party rentals that evoke the magic of cinema? Why not remind your guests that the events and relationships in their lives are amplified, not diminished by their constant proximity to Hollywood royalty? lighting rentals It’s our belief that with high quality party rentals and advance planning, anyone’s event can match what they’ve seen on film and television.

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