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The Unexpected Diversity of Table Rentals

Many clients come to the topic of table rentals with the assumption that a table is just a table. They have one image in mind – probably a 6-foot folding table – and assume there isn’t much room for variety. But a simple glance at the table rentals category of our party rental catalog will quickly disabuse you of that notion.
table rentals
6 ft. Banquet Table
Picnic Table
Certainly, we have 6-foot folding tables (in both adult and child heights), but we also offer a range of different sizes in case you need to group guests in different numbers. Even more significant to many party planners is the range of styles represented in our table rentals, which is enough to inspire certain clients with dramatically different ideas about how to utilize floor space, present buffet items and visual displays, and so on.  
linen rentals
Cocktail Tables with Sparkle Linens
Apart from the difference in dimensions among our banquet and pub tables, the visual presentation is general in keeping with what people expect – a simple wood finish that calls out to be dressed up with linen rentals and other accouterments. But there is variety in this also, with several, wildly differing varieties of cocktail tables, each of which could add a unique visual flair to your event in and of itself.
party rentals
Baroque Cocktail Table
Amalfi 2 x 2 Cocktail Table
Wine Barrel Cocktail Table
If you have a limiting view of table rentals, or any other category of party rentals, it could be holding back your potential as a party planner. We advise you to look through the whole of our party rental catalog before you commit to any particular setup or style. Interested in learning more? Visit our website for more information.

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