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How Will the Weather Influence Your Holiday Party Rentals?

All throughout southern California, high temperature records were broken on Thanksgiving Day this year. In Los Angeles, it reached 91 degrees – a one-degree gain on a record that had been set all the way back in 1903. If this represents a trend for the rest of the holiday season, it may give people reasons to alter their plans regarding party rentals for upcoming events. Many such plans involve indoor venues, on the expectation that outdoor temperatures may dip below what people in the local area are used to. Therefore, party rentals around this season tend to focus more on lounge furniture and staging than on tents and garden accessories. But if the forecast calls for high heat and little precipitation as we get closer to Christmas, this trend just might reverse. tent rentals We at Vini’s Party Rentals are prepared to meet whatever demand might be predominant once the date arrives for your holiday-themed party or other event. In addition to the above-mentioned categories of party rentals, we also offer various lighting alternatives and heaters, which could help you to keep guests comfortable at an outdoor event even as wintertime darkness falls and the temperature begins to decline. heater rental Whether or not records are being broken, one of the nice things about party planning in the Los Angeles area is that your options are always abundant. And with the right choice of party rentals, those options can be expanded even further.

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