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Wedding Rentals on Friday the 13th: Unlucky for Some…

Friday the 13th, the unluckiest day of the year has just passed and it should come as no surprise that there are not typically a lot of wedding rentals being delivered in the lead-up to this day. For that matter, most other ceremonies and events are comparatively unpopular on Friday the 13th, as well. table rentals         However, some people deliberately choose to defy the superstitious reputation of the date. And if you have the fortitude to do so, it may actually prove to be a wise decision, since event spaces are often less expensive on that date. This could actually free up money for you to devote to wedding rentals, entertainment, catering, and other tools for making sure that you have the luckiest possible start to your married life. Virtually every time Friday the 13th comes around, you can find media reports about people celebrating anniversaries of long marriages that began on that date. Some of them even used their wedding rentals and overall planning to make light of the date, as by walking underneath a ladder instead of a traditional wedding arch, or by opening decorative market umbrellas indoors. garden rentals It is worth remembering that no matter what stigma may be attached to a date or a place associated with your wedding, the event is defined by what you bring to it. Whether in the form of wedding rentals or just your own expressions of commitment, you have the means to bury the negative beneath the positive.

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