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Using Party Rentals to Mark off Event Space

For many people, it’s not a party unless there’s music and dancing. And for many parties, it’s difficult to facilitate dancing without a designated area for it. With that in mind, our party rentals catalog includes four types of customizable dance floor: parquet, white, black, and checkered. On the same page, you will also find a raised stage and an event deck assembly, in case your event also features live music or exhibitions where you don’t want dancers mistakenly straying. stage rental            Additionally, our party rentals include four colors of astro turf and a red carpet, all of which help to serve the same foundational purpose as dance floors, stages, and event decks: they carve out defined sections of your event space and allow you to build the layout of that event from the ground up. For many events, this is sufficient to control the flow of foot traffic and to direct people toward bars and concessions, different types of vendors, exhibits, and so on. But for those who demand even clearer separation of designated areas, dance floors and flooring can be paired with other types of party rentals, like pipe and drape or velvet ropes, in order to raise the borders up off the floor and make sure that every guest recognizes the party planner’s vision.
pipe and drape rentals
Benches with drapery

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