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Choosing Glassware Rentals Before Stocking the Bar

It’s not uncommon for people to come to us without a completely clear vision of what sorts of party rentals they need. We encourage a little indecision, as we’re more than happy to help you explore our catalog and make party planning decisions on the fly. In fact, looking at available items can sometimes inspire you with ideas you wouldn’t have otherwise had. As one example, some clients aren’t quite sure what drinks they’ll be serving at an event until they look at the potential glassware rentals. Naturally, our party rental catalog includes the standard wine glasses and beer glasses, plus rocks glasses for standard cocktails. But sometimes a glimpse of a brandy snifter or Irish coffee glass might convince a client to arrange a special toast with the appropriate beverage. Other times, the margarita glasses and martini glasses might raise the possibility of fun mixed drinks or event-specific specialty cocktails. This goes to show that sometimes it is worthwhile to look through a catalog of glassware rentals and other items at the very beginning of the planning process, in order to begin brainstorming for the event. One’s choice of party rentals can be a foundation on which to build the rest of the event, as by stocking and bar and even designing its setup according to what is going to be served. There are countless other examples of how party rentals can open up new worlds for an event, and we will discuss them from time to time on this blog.
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