When planning a wedding, bar mitzvah, or other event, you almost certainly consider a wide range of colors and styles before choosing your own attire. Thus, you need an equally wide range of linen rental options to choose from when dressing the tables. On this page you’ll find both solid and checkered linens, ranging from subdued ivory and grey to vibrant hues including lime green and magenta. Whatever the host plans to wear at her Los Angeles area event, she can be assured of finding linen rentals that will perfectly complement her appearance as she walks among the tables and greets guests.

Available Sizes:

54″ Square

72″ Square

10′ Banquet (60″ x 120″)

12′ Banquet (72″ x 144″)

4′ Drape (90″ x 108″)

6′ Drape (90″ x 132″)

8′ Drape (90″ x 156″)

8′ King Drape (108″ x 156″)

90″ Round

102″ Round

120″ Round

132″ Round

Napkins 20″ x 20″

Table Runner 18″ x 110″