Vini’s Party Rentals in Los Angeles, CA is a family oriented business that you can trust with over 15 years experience and a passion for every detail. We are a growing force in the equipment rental industry. We offer party supply rentals for your party and event needs, everything from tables, chairs, linens, glassware, silverware, to canopies/tents, heaters, lighting, garden equipment, wedding equipment, catering equipment and much more.

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Our party rental options include over 30 different standard linens colors and a large selection of specialty linens as well. We are new enough to supply nice, new quality equipment, yet have experienced employees to competently handle all your event needs.

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If you’re in need of tables, chairs, glassware, linens or silverware for an upcoming event in your home, at a hall or even in a local park, Vini’s Party Rentals can help you provide all of this and more. We offer a wide range of party equipment including heaters, canopies (tents), lights, garden equipment and even catering and wedding supplies to help meet all your party needs.
You can be assured at Vini’s Party Rental that our commitment to providing you with like new, state of the art equipment is combined with our more than fifteen years in business and our passion for detail to ensure your party experience will be a positive one.
Whether you’re looking for plain white linens for a wedding or one of the more than thirty other colors we offer, you’ll find a substantial collection of specialty linens that are designed to make your next party a memorable one for you and for your guests.
At Vini’s Party Rentals our goal is to make sure that you get not only the best possible quality materials for your party, but you’ll also get our dedicated and well trained staff who will help you set up your party in your backyard, your home or a hall or other special location.
Regardless of whether you’re hosting a casual get together or a full formal wedding, Vini’s Party Rentals is here to help you meet all of your party equipment needs.